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The Club Card confirms membership in the RBC Club, as well as provides privileges to its Holder. The Card is personal and cannot be transferred to other persons. In case of loss or damage, the Card must be restructured.



RBC Club privileges are granted in accordance with the level of the Club Card and are valid in the offices of the RBCC Club and partners in Russia and the UK. The privileges provided by the Club Card level can be supplemented taking into account the professional, cultural or business specifics of the events held. Additional benefits are provided in consultation with the management of the RBCC Club.

«RICHMOND» Club Card V

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Richmond (full name of Richmond-on-Thames) is one of the most charming areas of London. The Royal dynasty, rich families and celebrities have preferred this area for hundreds of years. Central London and Richmond are separated by the Thames. The area is adjacent to the Royal Palace of HAMPTON Court and the Kew Gardens Botanic gardens. Stunning parks and historic buildings, theaters and museums, cozy streets, shops, good restaurants and noisy pubs, in terms of amenities and living standards, Richmond can compete with the best areas of London. The Victorian and Georgian houses are set back from the main streets of London, and many of them have direct access and stunning views of the river Thames. The most picturesque section of the Thames and the embankment is located here. Richmond is home to bankers, politicians, and wealthy foreigners, including many Americans, Scandinavians, and Germans. It is home to first-class international schools and an American University.



As you know, it is in Greenwich that the zero Meridian passes, from which time and time zones of the entire globe are counted. The Greenwich area is closely linked to the British Navy and its history. The district of Greenwich is located in the South-East part of London and is located on the South Bank of the River Thames. Along the Thames embankment, there are many government and commercial organizations. Greenwich combines old traditions and modern trends, the hustle and bustle of a big city, and at the same time the possibility of a quiet measured life. Opposite Greenwich is the rapidly developing business center of Canary Wharf, which is also home to UNESCO sites, the Royal Observatory, Greenwich Park, the Royal Naval hospital, the Tide Linear Park, and the University of Greenwich. This area has developed transport links, well-maintained squares and parks, various galleries, theaters, various shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs. At the moment, most residents of Greenwich are representatives of the business community.


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Kensington is one of the most prestigious areas of London. Its history is inextricably linked with the English Queen Victoria and her husband Albert. At Kensington Palace in 1837, the young Princess received the status of Queen. Currently, this area is home to the residences of ambassadors from many countries of the world, which are adjacent to the luxurious and majestic mansions of the British aristocracy and business representatives. The mix of Victorian and Georgian architecture gives Kensington a truly English atmosphere. Kensington is a real Museum town of the Victorian era, founded by Prince Albert in the second quarter of the XIX century. Today it is one of the most interesting places in the British capital. This is where the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Olympia Exhibition Center (Earls Court and Olympia) are located, where major international exhibitions are held. Kensington Gardens, Holland Park, and nearby Hyde Park are very popular and are one of the most visited and favorite places for Londoners to relax.

«MAYFAIR» Club Card II 

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Mayfair (Mayfair) is an area in the center of London, where historical and cultural heritage sites and modern elite offices of international corporations are adjacent. Mayfair is universally recognized not only by native Londoners but also by representatives of the business community and cultural elite of many countries around the world. Museums, galleries, and auction houses have given Mayfair a reputation as an international cultural and artistic center. The Royal Academy of arts, Sotheby's, Bonhams, and Phillips offices are located here. Christie's, MacDougall's and many other cultural centers are within walking distance. Numerous shops, salons, ateliers and boutiques of famous world brands have established the Mayfair area as one of the most" fashionable " places in London. The local public is represented by successful business people: politicians, businessmen, lawyers, lawyers, diplomats. The Mayfair business community is complemented by representatives of the arts and the Bohemian world, including recognized architects, artists, designers, successful musicians, actors, and theater figures.


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Westminster is the political and historical center of London. It was founded in the XII century and is literally imbued with the spirit of English culture. The Westminster district of London includes some of the world's most impressive cultural heritage sites, including magnificent Gothic and Victorian buildings. This is an area with attractions that can take several days to explore. In addition to its Royal palaces and places of government, it is within walking distance of the most famous cultural sites, theaters, galleries, museums, including such famous as the National Museum, the national portrait gallery, Tate Britain, the British Museum and many other world-famous historical and cultural centers.
Among the main attractions of the district are Westminster Abbey, from which the district gets its name; the Palace of Westminster, where both houses of the English Parliament sit. The famous big Ben tower and clock are part of the Westminster Palace ensemble. Buckingham Palace (Buckingham Palace)-the current residence of the British monarchs; the White Hall is synonymous with the Central government of the United Kingdom and the civil service. Nearby are the Admiralty, the Horse Guards, and the Old Military office; The official residence of the Prime Minister of Great Britain is located in a small side street at 10 Downing Street.